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The Merck Patient Assistance Program is for patients who do not have prescription drug coverage and who without this assistance could not afford needed Merck medicines. This program is for patients who meet the following criteria:

  • The patient lives in the United States and has a prescription for a Merck medicine from a doctor licensed in the United States. The patient does not have to be a US citizen.
  • The patient has no prescription drug coverage.
  • The patient cannot afford to pay for medication.
  • The doctor has determined that a Merck product may be appropriate for treating the patient.

This program is easy to use and convenient for you and your patients:

  • Product can be shipped directly to the patient’s home.
  • Prescriptions with refills are accepted.
  • Patients can initiate the prescription refill process directly.

View a Merck Patient Assistance Program Application With Instructions:

[PDF: 667 KB, 3 pages]

[PDF: 203 KB, 2 pages]

Health care professionals and their office personnel can call 1-800-994-2111 toll free to obtain enrollment applications or request patient applications and brochures online.

To find out more about Merck’s special programs, visit

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